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Call for Entries

Featured Artist

Sheila Goodman
Goodman Winter Meadow

 ' Winter Meadow '
Sheila Goodman

Sheila Goodman PS

Biographical Details:

Sheila studied Graphic at High Wycombe College of Art 1967-69 and has worked as a graphic designer/illustrator in London and Hampshire. She has painted all her life, being mainly self-taught, and started to use pastel in 1987.

She was elected a member of the Society of Women artists in 1995 and the Pastel Society in 2011. Sheila works in pastel, acrylic, mixed media and collage.

She has exhibited regularly at the Mall Galleries since 1989 showing work in the RSMA, NEAC and Pastel Society. Also in the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol and Royal Academy Summer show.

Her work is in the collections of Hunting Management Group, Hampshire County Council and the Russell-Cotes Museum, Bournemouth.

Artist’s Statement

After years of working with pastel, Sheila's approach has gradually changed and developed. In the last few years she has studied more abstract work as she tries to convey the essence of the landscape in simplified forms. She uses colour to express the atmosphere of my subject - sometimes using colour themes to enhance the mood.

Though she likes to initially work from the landscape to record shapes, colours and tones, she is interested in making a statement as succinctly as possible. So Sheila also likes to work from the studio to clarify her ideas with collage or further drawings.


Member – The Pastel Society.

Other Societies:

Society of Women Artists

Method of Working:

Sheila's paintings start from the observation of the landscape. She draws or paints sketches using pencil, charcoal or water based media. She works broadly and tries to simplify. In the studio Sheila usually draws some thumbnails to decide format and media. This may be followed by more drawings or collage to enable me to focus on shape or colour.

Sheila works on various pastel papers or mountboard and continues until most areas of the painting are resolved. A second look weeks later may lead to further adjustments.


Most Popular Painting - SWA 2008
Best in Show - St. Barbe Museum Lymington 2008
Unison Pastel Award - Pastel Society 2009

Other Exhibitions:

Russell-Cotes Museum, Bournemouth 2010
Autumn Exhibition, Gallery SCA, Shropshire 2010
Peter Hedley Gallery, Wareham 2009
Hackwood Arts Festival 2009
Alresford Gallery 2009


Limited Edition Print x6 - Dayfold
Non-Limited Edition - Rosentiels Prints x 4
'Leisure Painter' Magazine 2010
'The Artist' Magazine 1996
'Pastel Journal' 2010
'The Wessex Muse' Magazine 2009



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