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Featured Artist

Janine Baldwin
Textures of Snow at Scarborough Janine Baldwin sized
' Textures of Snow at Scarborough '
by Janine Baldwin


Janine Baldwin PS 

Biographical Details:

1998 - 2001
BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree
University of York, Scarborough Campus
(now affiliated with University of Hull)
1995 - 1997
GNVQ Advanced Art & Design
A-Level Art
Creative School of Arts, Scarborough


The Pastel Society

Artist's Statement:

My work is the expression of a lifelong affinity with the landscape. I live on the North Yorkshire coast of the UK, and this location is a constant source of inspiration to my painting. My interest lies not in making a literal representation of nature but rather in celebrating the physical sensory experience of land and sea. As a result, the semi-abstract paintings are vibrant and energetic, combining gestural marks and the use of rich evocative colour.
Associations arise from the colours and lines - a fresh green may be reminiscent of new foliage in springtime, a round shape may recall pebbles smoothed by the waves. I use a gradual layering of paint to create my work, and oil sticks (oil paint in solid form) are often used to integrate drawing and painting. Recently drawing has been central to my work and I have used pastel, charcoal and graphite to explore mark-making. Influences include Abstract Expressionism (particularly Willem de Kooning), Joan Eardley, Cy Twombly and Cornish art.
I have exhibited extensively across the UK, including with the Royal Academy of Arts, the Society of Women Artists, and the Pastel Society UK, London. I am honoured to have won awards for my work such as The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award in 2014, the Haworth Prize in 2015, and the Unison Colour Young Artists Award in 2016, London. This year I am excited to have been elected a member of the prestigious Pastel Society, London. I have work in private collections across the UK and Europe, Africa, Mexico and the US.

Selected Exhibitions:

'Royal Academy Summer Exhibition', The Royal Academy of Arts, London
'The Haworth Prize' at the 'New English Art Club Annual Exhibition', Mall Galleries, London
'Pastel Society Annual Exhibition', Mall Galleries, London (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Cambridge Art Fair 2016, represented by Watermark Gallery
'Painting: Light of the North', According to McGee, York
'A Woman's View', Blue Tree Gallery, York
'Society of Women Artists 150th Annual Exhibition', Mall Galleries, London
The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle
Cricket Fine Art, London
Cornwall Contemporary, Penzance, Cornwall
'Bath Society of Artists 100th Exhibition', Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

Awards, Prizes, Membership:

2017 - Elected a member of the Pastel Society, London
2017 - Highly Commended Work in Monochrome Prize from STABILO UK, Society of Graphic Fine Art 'DRAW17' Exhibition, Menier Gallery, London
2017 - The Picture Framing Workshop Prize, Kunsthuis Gallery, Crayke, York
2016 - The Unison Colour Young Artist Award, at the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2015 - The Haworth Prize, at the New English Art Club Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2014 - The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award, at the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2006 - Shortlisted for 'Art Scholarship for Rural & Landscape Artists', Royal Bath & West of England Society


Sir Alan and Lady Heather Ayckbourn
Private collections across the UK and Europe, Africa, Mexico and the US.

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' Frozen II '
' Silence '
' Soft Morning '
' Stormy Skies '


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